Take a break from the election misery with a Clement Clarke Moore parody

’Twas the day after the election, when all through the house

Everyone was depressed, sister and spouse.

Our ballots were delivered with signatures and care

In hopes that St. Joe and Kamala would soon be there


Three people on a stage playing the flute. There is a white woman in middle and two African men in traditional African dress to either side of her.
Mary playing the flute at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, Pa., ca. 1989.

Today is my sister Mary’s birthday. She could be 9 or 29 or 59. It doesn’t matter because all I have left of her is memory, and for the record, she died at the age of 43. Or not. After her death, we discovered that she had a driver’s license…

[As a part of FlashNano, I am committed to writing 30 short essays or flash-fiction pieces during the the month of November.]

Photo by Bruno Adamo on Unsplash


My husband was obsessed with the brown recluse spider. Loxosceles reclusa.

He had an encyclopedic knowledge of their existence: where they lived, what they ate, the famous…

Gigi Marino

Poet, writer, teacher, communications professional, soupmaker, animal lover, dog mom, good friend, grateful woman.

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